The Historic People’s Climate March

The April 29, 2017 Historic People’s Climate March was unlike any of the other huge protest marches in Washington that I have participated in over the last nearly 50 years.  For me, the first of these was the MARCH TO WASHINGTON, November 15 1969, organized by the New Haven Committee for the Fall Offensive Against the War in Vietnam (described earlier in a C-Street post).

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What America is Great?

As Trump passes the 100 day mark there are many efforts to explain   why the Trump voters mostly remain steadfastly behind him.  One prominent explanation is the appeal of the Trump nationalist message. Trump voters reliably cheer the loudest when the applause line is about terrorism, illegal immigration or the Wall.  It seems whatever his flipflopping, backtracking, incoherence and ignorance Trump will continue to be able to vent against Muslims and against countries who he says are making money off us because of weak Obama policies.  What guides him continues to be  the art of the deal where the only reality is winning in a one on one, zero sum conflict. You aren’t really winning if you are a part of    a regional organization, say, that is making all of its members better off. When he goes along with his few sensible advisors who tell him the he can’t get rid of NATO or NAFTA, as he said he would, he can make some obfuscating noise and no one seems to notice.

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A large cohort of Trump voters belong to religious communities which believe that God has preordained that some will prosper materially in this world and some will not. In this “Prosperity Gospel” those who prosper are revealing God’s will and benediction on them. If you believe and are saved and you are prosperous this is evidence that you are favored by God.

Donald Trump is not a religious type, to say the least, but he is prosperous!  Trump has held up the riches of his aides as a badge of honor and of God’s blessing. On March 31, press spokesman Sean Spicer said “the President has brought a lot of people into this administration, into this White House in particular, who have been very blessed and very successful by this country and have given up a lot to come into the government setting aside a lot of assets.”

Among the many others in Trump’s White House that Spicer was referencing  would be Gov. Sonny Perdue of Georgia,  Trumps nominee for secretary of agriculture, and Carl Icahn,  special advisor for regulatory reform.

Perdue’s “blessings” includes getting  $100,000  in breaks on capital gains tax when his personal lawyer, who happened to be a state legislator, engineered a change in a Georgia law that made  new provisions retroactive, giving Perdue the $100,000.  Icahn will be blessed when he succeeds in pushing the Trump administration to change an Environmental Protection Agency rule that guides the way ethanol and gasoline are blended .  This change would directly benefit an oil refiner, CVR Energy, in which Icahn has a majority stake.

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