Donald Trump wants to present himself as a “patriot” who is making America great again so that Americans can feel patriotic again. In fact, all of Trump’s actions diminish America. Shouldn’t Americans want to believe that the world recognizes America has the best health care system, the greatest fast trains, the highest ideals for improving the lives of all who live in the community, the safest air and safest water, is the best guardian of natural resources, all, and many more, achievable goals the Trump Administration seem to find unexciting if not actively repugnant.

Ever since WWII America has been the leader not just in “one on one” bilateral relations with other countries in the world the way Trump, the dealmaker, says  is how he intends to do business,  but in putting together and leading alliances that increase the security and prosperity of all their members. That is what America has been doing until now, with failures as well as successes, but garnering  tremendous primacy and respect.  In the 21st century picking off a country here and there in deal making will achieve little or nothing, except to destroy that respect.

Trump is squandering a priceless American treasure: throughout our history we have presented ideals that are aspirations for all mankind. Nepal in the early 60s, still barely accessible over mountain passes, had a US Information Agency office where its Nepalese director was telling visitors, including this writer, “Lincoln, he is our hero too.” Our national government is the essential element in this leadership and the pride in “public service” of those who work for it within our elected institutions  has brought to all Americans a patriotic  pride in admirable actions that have benefitted both us and the world. Trump apparently feels pride and patriotism that his billionaire cohorts can find new ways to enrich themselves – not the nation.

When President Trump says he will make American “great” again I imagine he would include the beauty of America as part of its greatness. Americans have been singing “Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies” for a long time and sense the times we sing this anthem as thrilling moments that bind us together.  We can almost see “the amber waves of grain.” Maybe we won’t be able to see them everywhere when Trump realizes his despicable idea of building a wall along the almost 2,000 mile border between Mexico and America. He is not making America “great”, he is making it ugly. Maybe he wants to see the wall as an icon of the America that binds us together, an America that rejects rather than welcomes – “America the Ugly.” What could be more hideous than that unnatural tall dark wall snaking across our beautiful county, reminding us perhaps of the  wall that separated East and West Germany during the cold war, or the walls in Jerusalem today. Trump seems to hope that this symbol of hatred and rejection will become real in the hearts of Americans, immeasurably diminishing us.

–Elizabeth Spiro Clark

   February 21, 2017

Off To The Races: Is The House A Reality? At Least Picking Up Several Seats Is Indeed Possible!

Daily Kos: “New polling shows Democrats really could take back the House”

BUT…the 10 most likely House races in play still need your financial support   The Democrats are entering red states as Trump’s popularity is taking a nosedive.  The chances of a House takeover are slim—the Democrats need to win 30 seats, but if the electorate abandons the Republicans because of Trump, it is a cross-our-fingers possibility.  Please dig deep into your pockets and support these close races.

1. Florida 13th District is rated safely Democratic in 2016. It was previously rated as a battleground, but due to court-ordered redistricting, the seat became much more Democratic. David Jolly® is seeking re-election in 2016. He initially planned to pursue a U.S. Senate bid, but he dropped out of the race in preparation for incumbent Marco Rubio’s entry. Jolly will face former Governor Charlie Crist (D) in the general election on November 8, 2016.

2. Nevada 4th District GOP Rep. Cresent Hardy, considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents  the country, is in a dead heat with Democratic state Sen. Ruben Kihuen, according to a new poll from the National Republican Congressional Committee. Hardy has 38 percent and Kihuen has 36 percent, meaning that about a quarter of the electorate chose a minor candidate or is undecided. This election will be determined by the Hispanic vote that turns out.  President Obama won this district by double digits. Continue reading “Off To The Races: Is The House A Reality? At Least Picking Up Several Seats Is Indeed Possible!”

Twelve States Electing Governors In November

”DemList” advises that in addition to the 435 House and 34 Senate races this November, there are twelve Gubernatorial races that may impact or be impacted by the Presidential election and the subsequent increased voter turnout and political “coattails” in their states.  Read more here.

Off To The Races: US SENATE

Off to the Races

(updated 10-21-16)

US SENATE:  With Less than Three Weeks Until Election Day, the Fight For the Senate Comes Down to A Few States

Overall Snapshot:

The current breakdown in the Senate:  54 Republicans and 44 Democrats (there are also 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats, bringing working total to 46).  To be on the safe side, Democrats need to pick up 5 seats to regain the majority (only 4 IF Clinton wins the White House). Republicans are defending 24 seats, 7 in states where Obama won in 2012 Illinois, Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, PA, Wisc, and Iowa).   Democrats are defending only 10 seats – all where Obama won in 2012.

Five Highly Competitive Races Currently Held by Republicans:

General:  Real Clear Politics (RCP), a trusted non-partisan  political news and polling data aggregator site, which takes the average of several different respectable poll organizations, reports that 2 seats currently held by Republicans, are now leaning Democratic.  Nate Silver with Five Thirty Eight agrees with this assessment. Continue reading “Off To The Races: US SENATE”