ISIS has now added a second murderous attack on Paris in 2015, this time hitting 6 targets.

Europe has come together to commit to collective defense responses to ISIS. Russia took an important symbolic step by announcing that it was in fact a terrorist bomb had downed its plane over the Sinai peninsula. A detailed common strategy has not been shaped. Republicans disagree, but Obama is correct to say that ground troops should come mainly from the military forces of countries in the region. That judgment is not made from weakness, as Republicans would have it, but because under Obama America is going to pursue whatever is the most effective strategy to eliminate ISIS. The meetings in Turkey and Vienna, with all the key international players present, demonstrated that a crucial component of a strong strategy is diplomacy. The US, Great Britain, France Germany, Russia, Iran and Turkey, the Gulf states haven’t yet agreed on every thing, very importantly including the place of  President Assad in a Syrian peace agreement. They have agreed on destroying ISIS, with other objectives, explicitly or implicitly, ranked lower in importance. Continue reading “ISIS”