Momentum and Support For A National Concealed Gun Carry Reciprocity Law May Too Difficult To “Shoot Down”

The outcome of the November 8th congressional and presidential elections has the NRA boasting that it is confident that it and other pro gun groups can now force a federal carry reciprocity law.  Actually, the Trump people had already formed a “Second Amendment Coalition,” including members of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Active before he was elected.  Chaired by Donald Trump, Jr. and composed of 63 “co chairs,” the group stands ready to protect and expand gun-owners interests.

As I understand it, concealed carry is allowed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia but to different degrees.  In effect, should legislation requiring reciprocity be enacted, those states with the most stringent requirements would be subverted by the states with the most lenient regulations.  A January 2015 report by” Everytown for Gun Safety” said that reciprocity not only interferes with states’ rights but more dangerously, “some states do thorough criminal background checks on applicants, while other states have such ineffective permitting systems that they inadvertently issue permits to felons.“  Read entire report here. Continue reading “Momentum and Support For A National Concealed Gun Carry Reciprocity Law May Too Difficult To “Shoot Down””

Off To The Races: US SENATE

Off to the Races

(updated 10-21-16)

US SENATE:  With Less than Three Weeks Until Election Day, the Fight For the Senate Comes Down to A Few States

Overall Snapshot:

The current breakdown in the Senate:  54 Republicans and 44 Democrats (there are also 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats, bringing working total to 46).  To be on the safe side, Democrats need to pick up 5 seats to regain the majority (only 4 IF Clinton wins the White House). Republicans are defending 24 seats, 7 in states where Obama won in 2012 Illinois, Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, PA, Wisc, and Iowa).   Democrats are defending only 10 seats – all where Obama won in 2012.

Five Highly Competitive Races Currently Held by Republicans:

General:  Real Clear Politics (RCP), a trusted non-partisan  political news and polling data aggregator site, which takes the average of several different respectable poll organizations, reports that 2 seats currently held by Republicans, are now leaning Democratic.  Nate Silver with Five Thirty Eight agrees with this assessment. Continue reading “Off To The Races: US SENATE”