Suck it Up, Electoral College: Do the Right Thing

Our Founding Fathers were not stupid. They knew that it was entirely possible, perhaps even likely, that voters  at some point would put a person in the White House who was totally unsuited to lead the country. (In 2016 , not even a majority of voters voted for winning candidate.) That is why they came up with the idea of an Electoral College, which was set up to be a deliberative body to review the election results and approve the winner if the president-elect did not present a serious and dire threat to the United States.

That time has now arrived. The president-elect is totally unsuited to hold this office and represents a serious and dire threat to our country and to the world.

There were many who admitted that Trump  was outrageous and irresponsible during the campaign but argued that he would mellow  if he were elected  and would make an effort to be presidential. He would move toward the center.  Some of my Republican friends have suggested he would turn out to be another Eisenhower. Aside from a comment or two here and there about not locking up Hillary, Obama being an ok guy, and wanting to bring our country back together again, he has confirmed–even exceeded–the fears of many, if not most, of the voters who did not vote for him. He is a disaster.  Let’s review what he has done since the election:

His cabinet appointments–with one or two exceptions–are the worst in history. For the most part they are extremists and people with an agenda centered on rolling back anything and everything even remotely progressive. Continue reading “Suck it Up, Electoral College: Do the Right Thing”

Introducing the Trump Scorecard

You may have already gotten wind of this new and revolutionary method of keeping tabs on the president-elect. It is on my blog: I will cease reminding (badgering) you when I have posted on the blog, so I  encourage anyone who is interested and wants to follow my take on the Trump saga using the scorecard, to become a blog subscriber, which you can do by clicking the tab on the left on the  blog website. Most important: you are invited to weigh in. Don’t miss the excitement! We may be in for quite a ride.

Joe Howell