About Us

Mission & Vision​

We are a group of Democratic Party activists who are mobilizing to combat the threat to American democratic institutions and values that the election of Donald Trump  represents. We will challenge the debasement and hollowing out of our democratic institutions.  Examples of this movement toward autocracy abound, among them voter suppression, gerrymandering and the capture of our system by the super wealthy. We will challenge the perversion of values which Trump represents, including the rejection of honesty,  the honorable treatment of his fellow citizens and any notion of a “greater good” than his own personal enrichment.

What We Do

We will raise our voice through appeals and publications on this website and regular Bulletin. We will propose and support actions including in coalition with other groups, behind a wide ranging agenda of issues, including climate change.

Our Mission

“Democrats Reclaiming Democracy” is an independent advocacy group for Democratic Party values, ideas and actions.

We believe that the election of Donald Trump as President endangers our basic democratic institutions. We see nothing in his record that suggests he will work against two of the bigest instituional threats to democracy: voter suppression and gerrymandering of congressional districts.  Decisions he made early in the post election period,  such as the giving of a tax credit to Carrier company in exchange for Carrier keeping 800 factory jobs in Indiana shows clearly that his personal deal making is the process by which decisions effecting Amercians will get made, not the rule of law. If he does pass infrastructure spending bill he has said it will be structured  as public private partnerships or outsourcing.   The tax payers will be left behind. We believe in community and a common good that benefits all. We believe that vigorous governmental institutions, accountable to citizens through free and fair elections, are essential in realizing the common good.

In our work we will prioritize fighting against global warming, significantly caused by human activity and which threatens America and the globe and against the scourge of gun violence that plays a major role in engendering paralyzing fears that is corrupting our political culture. “Democrats Reclaiming Democracy” will issue a regular bulletin.  Contributors will be listed.  We welcome reactions and participation.


Our Contributors

Elizabeth Spiro Clark

Member, Executive Committee

Clark is a retired career foreign Service Officer who served overseas in Iceland, Norway, and South Africa, receiving numerous awards for her coverage of the final days of the Cold War and end of apartheid. She has published extensively on global democratization. She was for four years the Vice President for Political Action and Public Policy at the Woman’s National Democratic Club.

Marcie Cohen

Member, Executive Committee

Cohen is a political activist for social justice issues who has special expertise in affordable housing and community development, having served in both the public and private sectors in the fields of housing production, economic development and urban planning. Her knowledge of urban issues led to appointments as a member of the U.S. Delegation to the UN Conference on Human Settlements (1996) and UN Conference on Sustainable Development (2010).  In 1998 she was selected for a prestigious Loeb Fellowship at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and in 2000 was a Visiting Senior Scholar at the Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Most recently, Cohen served as Vice Chair of the District of Columbia Housing Authority and as Vice Chair of the District of Columbia Zoning Commission.

Alice T. Day

Member, Executive Committee

Dr. Day is an author, film maker and environmentalist, who received her graduate degrees in both the United States and Australia.  Her professional writings includes articles, book chapters, reports and 4 books, including:  Too Many Americans (1964) that she co-authored with her husband, Lincoln Day;  ‘We Can Manage’ – Expectations about care and varieties of family support among people 75 years and over (1985); and Remarkable Survivors – Insights into Successful Aging Among Women (1991).  She and her husband launched their first documentary film in 2008.  Entitled “Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives:  The Environmental Footprint of War,” it has received numerous awards.  Day serves on numerous boards, including Council for a Livable World and the Environmental Film Festival of the Nation’s Capital, and is active in Woman’s National Democratic Club, where she was the long-time chair of the Task Force on the Environment and Energy.

Shelly S. Livingston

Member, Executive Committee

Livingston is a retired Capitol Hill staffer, having worked 27 years for the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  She is active in several social and progressive causes and organizations, including Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, where she sits on both the 501(c)(3) and Action Fund boards.  She has also been active with The Woman’s National Democratic Club, having served on the Board of Governors; Chair and Treasurer of the WNDC Political Action Committee; Vice President for Public Policy; and Chair, Ad Hoc Committee to Prevent Gun Violence.