The List You Need: National Monuments Under Attack by Trump

Protect our National Heritage: Oppose Trump

Trump has released a list of 27 iconic national monuments up for “review” under the Antiquities Act — the first step toward stripping these natural wonders of protections.

They touch every corner of our country. The list, published by The Sierra Club, is shocking:  Continue reading “The List You Need: National Monuments Under Attack by Trump”

The Historic People’s Climate March

The April 29, 2017 Historic People’s Climate March was unlike any of the other huge protest marches in Washington that I have participated in over the last nearly 50 years.  For me, the first of these was the MARCH TO WASHINGTON, November 15 1969, organized by the New Haven Committee for the Fall Offensive Against the War in Vietnam (described earlier in a C-Street post).

Why historic?  What was special about this latest climate march? Continue reading “The Historic People’s Climate March”

Chocolate Cake and Bombs for Desert

According to Wilbur Ross during a speech yesterday, the Syrian bombing by the U.S. during the visit of China’s President Xi was “after-dinner-entertainment.”  And it didn’t cost the president anything for that entertainment.

That an act of this nature, in the name of our Nation, is considered entertainment is beyond words.  Literally, I cannot think of words.  None I can write here, anyway.  As to cost, perhaps it didn’t cost the president anything, but it sure the hell cost the American people – our hard earned tax dollars paid for that ‘entertainment.’  The cost of a Tomahawk missile, per the Navy budget for fiscal year 2017, is $1.355 million. Given that the strike used 59 missiles, that comes out to roughly $79.9 million for just the missiles alone.  That’s some pretty costly entertainment if you ask me.

Trump has recounted the strike, coincidentally timed with Xi’s visit, with great fanfare, in one interview recalling the food he and Xi ate with specificity.  “I was sitting at the table. We had finished dinner. We’re now having dessert,” Trump told Fox Business. “And we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen, and President Xi was enjoying it.”

Chocolate cake and bombs for dessert.  At the expense of the American public.  For entertainment.   Words anyone?

What America is Great?

As Trump passes the 100 day mark there are many efforts to explain   why the Trump voters mostly remain steadfastly behind him.  One prominent explanation is the appeal of the Trump nationalist message. Trump voters reliably cheer the loudest when the applause line is about terrorism, illegal immigration or the Wall.  It seems whatever his flipflopping, backtracking, incoherence and ignorance Trump will continue to be able to vent against Muslims and against countries who he says are making money off us because of weak Obama policies.  What guides him continues to be  the art of the deal where the only reality is winning in a one on one, zero sum conflict. You aren’t really winning if you are a part of    a regional organization, say, that is making all of its members better off. When he goes along with his few sensible advisors who tell him the he can’t get rid of NATO or NAFTA, as he said he would, he can make some obfuscating noise and no one seems to notice.

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