Marching in 1969 against the Vietnam War: Marching now with the Women’s March in Washington

Interviewed at the Sundance Film Festival, by Amy Goodman, host of the radio program, “Democracy Now,” Al Gore said, “We are seeing a citizen action mobilization that is as big as anything we have seen since the Vietnam War.“

Back in November 15, 1969, I attended the Washington March Against the Vietnam War.  It was huge, about a quarter of a million.  The Women’s March surpassed it by many millions and was much more diverse.  Here’s how it looked to my husband and me.

Link and I rode the Metro to L’Enfant Plaza, January 21, starting about 8:45 am.  We were on our way to the Holiday Inn to join the Friends of the Earth, Climate Justice group.  As it turned out, when we arrived at the Inn after an alarming Metro ride, packed in like sardines, no one there knew anything about Friends of the Earth.  So we were on our own.

With both of us carrying our walking sticks, we were given special treatment.  People wanted to take our photo, asked if we were all right, and thanked us for joining the March.  We were grateful and touched by the attention.  A hallmark of this March was the courtesy and camaraderie of the participants.  There was a feeling of “we know why we are here and it’s the right thing to do.” Continue reading “Marching in 1969 against the Vietnam War: Marching now with the Women’s March in Washington”

The Trump Administration and Religion: In the End, the Same Republican “Small” Government Crusade

My post election conversations with friends, none of whom voted for Trump or would have thought of voting for Trump, were testy. I found myself irritated at talk about finding “common ground” with the other side and, especially, with getting in a contest for who could say the worst things about Hillary Clinton and the way the Democrats ran their campaign. Clinton was accused of being too cautious and not making a strong case for the Democratic Party’s vision and platform. True or not, Trump was so much the worst candidate that I wanted a relentless focus on resisting the values and ideas he was bringing to Washington.

Then I changed my mind. I now strongly believe that Hillary didn’t hit back hard enough, but not on conflicting agendas and policy proposals. She didn’t hit back on Trump’s totally immoral personal attacks on her. As well as unethical, Trump was unpatriotic every time he encouraged supporters in his rallies to chant, “lock her up”, and called her “crooked Hillary”. On at least one occasion he appeared to endorse assassinating her.  The viciousness worked.  The relentless shouting “She’s a crook” worked. The voters thought Hillary was a crook. Every day he said something unacceptable she should have blasted back. The press would have had to carry her response and maybe Trump’s lies and bullying would’ve sunken in with the voters. Continue reading “The Trump Administration and Religion: In the End, the Same Republican “Small” Government Crusade”

Momentum and Support For A National Concealed Gun Carry Reciprocity Law May Too Difficult To “Shoot Down”

The outcome of the November 8th congressional and presidential elections has the NRA boasting that it is confident that it and other pro gun groups can now force a federal carry reciprocity law.  Actually, the Trump people had already formed a “Second Amendment Coalition,” including members of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Active before he was elected.  Chaired by Donald Trump, Jr. and composed of 63 “co chairs,” the group stands ready to protect and expand gun-owners interests.

As I understand it, concealed carry is allowed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia but to different degrees.  In effect, should legislation requiring reciprocity be enacted, those states with the most stringent requirements would be subverted by the states with the most lenient regulations.  A January 2015 report by” Everytown for Gun Safety” said that reciprocity not only interferes with states’ rights but more dangerously, “some states do thorough criminal background checks on applicants, while other states have such ineffective permitting systems that they inadvertently issue permits to felons.“  Read entire report here. Continue reading “Momentum and Support For A National Concealed Gun Carry Reciprocity Law May Too Difficult To “Shoot Down””

Push Back On Trump: It’s Happening

There are encouraging signs that the forces of reason are mounting campaigns to fight back against the disastrous policy preferences of Donald Trump and the cadre of fellow billionaires he has chosen for his cabinet.  As we have said here from the first post election days, the push back on Trump must come from communities, including  local and state governments. At the national level we suggest taking a leaf from President Obama’s retirement plans. According to a New York Times report  he is planning to be an advisor to a brand new organization, National Democratic Redistricting Committee to be chaired by former Attorney General, Eric Holder. The NDRC will tackle the threats to American democracy posed by gerrymandering by Republican state governments designed to reduce the vote for the Democratic Party. The NDRC is planning launches in Virginia and New Jersey State elections in 2017.

Cities and States are on the Move:

While Trump has disputed the science of global warming and attacked policies to combat it, California’s governor, Jerry Brown, and Democratic legislative leaders have promised to band together with other nations and states to defend and strengthen our earth and its environment. “California can make a significant contribution to advancing the cause of dealing with climate change, irrespective of what goes on in Washington,” Mr. Brown said in an interview. “I wouldn’t underestimate California’s resolve…Yes, we will take action.” Continue reading “Push Back On Trump: It’s Happening”

Women’s March On Washington, Saturday, January 21, 2017

We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.



The People’s Climate Mobilization March, April 29, 2016

Climate action is under attack. We need to stand up and take action to protect everything and everyone we love; in the first 100 hours of Trump’s administration, in the first 100 days, and beyond.

The People’s Climate Mobilization is happening on April 29th. Sign up here to plug in. ↓
I am ready to join the fight:

Not in the US?
United States

There is no denying it: Donald Trump’s election is a threat to the future of our planet, the safety of our communities, and the health of our families. If the policies he proposed on the campaign trail are implemented, they will destroy our climate, decimate our jobs and livelihoods, and undermine the civil rights and liberties won in many hard fought battles.
It’s up to us to stop that from happening before it starts.

Facing the looming threat of a President who denies the reality of climate change, and openly attacks women, people of color, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities, LGBTQ people, workers, and so many more, we need to act together and make it clear that we will not stand for any attempts to undermine the fight for justice. Continue reading “The People’s Climate Mobilization March, April 29, 2016”