I. Post Election Message To Democrats: Get Busy On All Of The Above (Below)

The horrible specter of Donald Trump as our President elect, twittering himself into the Oval Office – that is if he wouldn’t rather stay in his penthouse, walls covered in gold framed pictures of himself – should not drive us down into the nuclear bomb shelter in the cellar. We must push back on all fronts with multiple strategies some of which are listed below:

A. Go back to the states and localities; fight from the grassroots up.

Newspapers are littered with projects and government policies, large and small, that governments and citizens can take up. Two random examples: 1. A statewide push for soda taxes, benefitting both the health of the citizens and providing funds for needed projects and institutions. 2. Refusing local police assistance to the federal government in any drive to round up immigrants. Such actions might even stop a general deportation of “the Dreamers”.

Many high national priority goals are only going to work if action is organized at the state and local level.
Two examples:

  1. Stopping the corrosion of money in politics by repealing Citizens United.
  2. Ensuring elections are run by a non-partisan entity, including decisions on establishing new boundaries for election districts.

Advocating working at state and local level is not to advocate “going small.”  California is the 10th largest economy in the world. New York City is a major power.  The only downside to this strategy is if people think they don’t have to think at the national and international level.  We will have to do both. Continue reading “I. Post Election Message To Democrats: Get Busy On All Of The Above (Below)”

From the Press

I. “There’s something both grotesque and bracing about the confrontation between Clinton, with her disciplined professionalism, and Trump, with his increasingly frenzied assertions of male prerogative. Like the female protagonist of a quest narrative—or, perhaps, of a dystopian fantasy—Clinton has made it through all her challenges to face the bull-headed Minotaur of sexism at the end of the maze.”

—-Margaret Talbot (New Yorker Oct. 16)



II. “It is indeed hard to say a kind word about Congress…Republicans contribute significantly to the breaking of the system, and then they thunder to the country that the system is broken. They refuse to govern, and then they denounce government. They seem to confuse governing with having their way. And more to the point, how does this vast alienation from Washington excuse this vast contempt for whole groups and races and genders? Continue reading “From the Press”

Trump On Comey: “He Brought Back His Reputation”

Donald Trump is infallibly wrong, regardless of issue or fact.  Sometimes, however, there is a twisted pathway to truth in what he says. Trump praises FBI Director James Comey for doing the right thing – “bringing back his reputation” – in stating he was opening an investigation in emails found in Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s ex husband and former congressman, Anthony Weiner’s email archive. Using the word “reputation,” Trump is almost certainly pointing to the reason for Comey’s action.

Comey had been grilled in Congress in July on the investigation into Clinton’s emails, an investigation he and other justice officials had declared completed, with Comey declaring that they would not bring any charges against Clinton, although making at the same time an unprecedented written comment that she had been “careless”; this was a statement widely denounced, because, among other reasons, it did not give Clinton a forum in which to defend herself. Continue reading “Trump On Comey: “He Brought Back His Reputation””