Off To The Races: Is The House A Reality? At Least Picking Up Several Seats Is Indeed Possible!

Daily Kos: “New polling shows Democrats really could take back the House”

BUT…the 10 most likely House races in play still need your financial support   The Democrats are entering red states as Trump’s popularity is taking a nosedive.  The chances of a House takeover are slim—the Democrats need to win 30 seats, but if the electorate abandons the Republicans because of Trump, it is a cross-our-fingers possibility.  Please dig deep into your pockets and support these close races.

1. Florida 13th District is rated safely Democratic in 2016. It was previously rated as a battleground, but due to court-ordered redistricting, the seat became much more Democratic. David Jolly® is seeking re-election in 2016. He initially planned to pursue a U.S. Senate bid, but he dropped out of the race in preparation for incumbent Marco Rubio’s entry. Jolly will face former Governor Charlie Crist (D) in the general election on November 8, 2016.

2. Nevada 4th District GOP Rep. Cresent Hardy, considered one of the most vulnerable incumbents  the country, is in a dead heat with Democratic state Sen. Ruben Kihuen, according to a new poll from the National Republican Congressional Committee. Hardy has 38 percent and Kihuen has 36 percent, meaning that about a quarter of the electorate chose a minor candidate or is undecided. This election will be determined by the Hispanic vote that turns out.  President Obama won this district by double digits. Continue reading “Off To The Races: Is The House A Reality? At Least Picking Up Several Seats Is Indeed Possible!”

Yo Millenials! What The Hell Are You Thinking?

Friends: I completely understood the fascination of young people with Bernie Sanders’ appeal for a new political revolution during this election season. My whole life I have been arguing for clean alternative energy to fossil fuels, eliminating the corrupting influence of special interest money on our politics, equal pay for women in the workplace, equal rights for all citizens, progressive tax reform, and free college expenses for those who can’t afford it.

Hillary Clinton is about my age, and I also get it that people under 30 may look at her and my generation as a bunch of old timers who have been around too long and may no longer seem all that relevant. That is a generational problem that Bernie managed to avoid.

When Bernie failed to get the nomination, there were a lot of hurt feelings among many of his loyal followers, so I am not surprised when many of them looked to the third party candidates who are on the ballot. I will focus my remarks on current Millennial support for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Continue reading “Yo Millenials! What The Hell Are You Thinking?”