What Are Trump’s Qualifications For The Presidency: Businessman or Brand Name Hawker?

One of the contestants in Monday night’s Presidential debate knows what job she is competing for. The other one, Donald Trump, is cheered as “change maker”, and since things would certainly be different under a Trump Presidency, that is not a lie or false promise. Masses of Trump supporters say they also support him because of his business background. Trump has charged repeatedly that America and America’s Presidents are failing because they don’t know enough about making money. As in everything, he is the answer. But are his supposedly great credentials as a businessman as hollow – or sinister – as everything else about him?   When responding to criticisms about making money off of the 2008 financial crash, Trump said “that’s called business, by the way.” And apparently he doesn’t think he should change how he operates in the Oval office from how he does his current job of being a real estate mogul.

Or is that his current job?  A CBS Frontline special on the candidates Wednesday moved the viewer to conclude that his job was basically keeping his media image marketable. It is more accurate to see him as media star than a businessman. His qualification for the Presidency may well be his career as a reality show star. Even his real estate empire is basically selling his name to others who own the buildings. He is a brand hawker. Continue reading “What Are Trump’s Qualifications For The Presidency: Businessman or Brand Name Hawker?”

How Republicans Rule

How Republicans Rule

This is the first in a series on the subject of the Republican Party record on governing. An examination of the party’s ideology as it is currently practiced in states under Republican administration reveals their failure to accomplish anything they have promised in terms of economic growth and the devastating punishment of their citizens caused by cutbacks on services and authoritarian intrusion in their private lives.

The effect of outsourcing of public services is our first subject, and directly linked to Republican ideology.  In addition, private corporations benefitting from outsourcing are almost always headquartered in Republican states.

How Republicans Rule: Outsourcing 1

The Prisoner Transportation Business:
Butler County Ohio is one of the dozens of states and countless localities that outsources the transportation of prisoners. Based in Tennessee, Prisoner Transportation Services of America Is one of the largest of these for-profit institutions. Continue reading “How Republicans Rule”