Twelve States Electing Governors In November

”DemList” advises that in addition to the 435 House and 34 Senate races this November, there are twelve Gubernatorial races that may impact or be impacted by the Presidential election and the subsequent increased voter turnout and political “coattails” in their states.  Read more here.

Off To The Races: US SENATE

Off to the Races

(updated 10-21-16)

US SENATE:  With Less than Three Weeks Until Election Day, the Fight For the Senate Comes Down to A Few States

Overall Snapshot:

The current breakdown in the Senate:  54 Republicans and 44 Democrats (there are also 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats, bringing working total to 46).  To be on the safe side, Democrats need to pick up 5 seats to regain the majority (only 4 IF Clinton wins the White House). Republicans are defending 24 seats, 7 in states where Obama won in 2012 Illinois, Florida, New Hampshire, Ohio, PA, Wisc, and Iowa).   Democrats are defending only 10 seats – all where Obama won in 2012.

Five Highly Competitive Races Currently Held by Republicans:

General:  Real Clear Politics (RCP), a trusted non-partisan  political news and polling data aggregator site, which takes the average of several different respectable poll organizations, reports that 2 seats currently held by Republicans, are now leaning Democratic.  Nate Silver with Five Thirty Eight agrees with this assessment. Continue reading “Off To The Races: US SENATE”

Open Gun Carry Inhibits Free Speech

Trump’s latest outrage is suggesting that second amendment lovers who want unbridled use of their guns should “take care” of Hilary Clinton who threatens their  rights.

What rights? Just as there is nothing in our constitution that says corporations are people and have free speech (any Supreme Court decisions interpreted as giving that right should be overturned), there is nothing in the constitution that should be held as denying public authorities the right to regulate guns in the same way they regulate cars and highways, nuclear waste, Zika mosquitos and anything that is a threat to the public health and welfare, as all other advanced democracies do.

It is not just a matter of getting smart and joining our friends and allies. Opening our public life to a reality of individuals freely carrying loaded weapons inhibits the free speech Republicans and the National Rifle Association claim to be protecting. Continue reading “Open Gun Carry Inhibits Free Speech”

Clinton’s Climate Policy

Two top stories in EcoWatch news, Wednesday, August 16, suggest issues that should be raised with the candidates in the September and October presidential debates


Climate Nexus/EcoWatch, Climate, Aug. 16


Molly Dorozenski/  EcoWatch,
Climate, Aug. 16

Elsewhere, Clinton has claimed that the United States should be a leader in taking on climate change and moving to 100 percent clean energy by 2030. Why then choose Ken Salazar, former Secretary of the Interior, to lead her transition team? Salazar’s track record shows that he is clearly siding with the fossil fuel interests: pro-fracking, pro-TPP, and pro-Keystone pipeline. Is this the way, Madame Secretary, to demonstrate your commitment to the climate change movement, to court a more progressive base, to win against Donald Trump?

Alice Day,