Doing the Trump

The Donald is sliding and gliding to the Republican nomination with the press and media, rumbling happily behind him, waving and making faces to their bread and butter the trump hangers on. Always something to cover!  Investigative journalism is soooo boooring! Forget lifting the lid on the gambling king’s secrets.

The press didn’t even take up on Trumps entertainment template. I remember at the beginning of the beginning a special report on Trump. It took the viewer into Trump’s NY apartment where every wall in every room was covered with gold framed photos of the owner. Why not introduce every mention of him with one of those shots.

Why not pick up on interviews with ordinary Trump voters saying they are voting for him because he is rich and a businessman and that is what America needs as a President.  Businessmen have job qualifications. They have worked in a definable economic sector. They are in this profession to make profit for themselves. Maybe at some level they will start to give it away – no sign of that yet with Trump. TV reality show stars are a smaller niche in our economy but they too have job qualifications – marketing themselves, sucking up attention, making other people feel small. Continue reading “Doing the Trump”