Democrats reclaiming democracy to ensure a brighter future for America.

C Street Democrats: Democrats Reclaiming Democracy!

We are a group of activists who believe political parties are a key institution of a democracy. We seek to strengthen the Democratic party and the democratic values America has established and fought for. Like many Americans, we are alarmed at the terrifying irresponsibility of President Trump’s actions and authoritarian direction of his administration. We cannot be passive in the face of such a substantial threat to our country and, indeed, our Earth. Our top priority is to be useful to our followers in broadly based political action, including commentary and analyses of the crucial issues and campaigns and upcoming events where our readers can get involved. It is in all of our interests to elect men and women who will take the job of governing seriously and who articulate meaningful goals for all Americans. If we are to be successful, it will take all of us working together to reestablish an America dedicated to achieving its civic ideals: to have the best public school system, the best health care, the best public transportation, the safest air, the safest water and the strongest protection of human rights. We welcome your comments and ideas.

Political Action

We will be providing regular updates on events and action opportunities.

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building the democratic party

We will make proposals on organizing at the community and national level, and provide background materials.

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Recent Posts

Welcome Neighbor?

If you live anywhere with a substantial resistance to the current administration’s attacks on immigrants, you may have seen these lawn/window signs–they say, in Spanish, English, and Arabic, “No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.” (There’s also a variant in Hebrew, English, and Arabic.) In an atmosphere of demagoguery and baseless hysteria...

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Senator Claire McCaskill expresses outrage at Senate Republicans

On YouTube, Senator Claire McCaskill expresses outrage at Senate Republicans refusal to hold public hearings on their healthcare bill.

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An Issue Still Important… Religious Authoritarianism and the Trump Administration

Originally posted March 8, 2017. Analysts have written endless numbers of commentaries to explain why Trump voters voted for him and why they are continuing to support him. “Trump does what he says he is going to do,” they say. “He is authentic”. “Clinton was a crook.” “My identity is being disrespected while undeserving people...

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